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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Honda Motorworld Underbone Circuit Race : RESULTS

Honda Motorworld opens the year with a BANG after the very
successful Honda Motorworld Underbone Circuit Race 1st Leg at

Keken Cabahug of Honda Motorworld-CYRUS is off to a strong start for
2010 with his impressive double victory for Beginner Superstock 100-110
and the 125 class. He also took 2nd place in the Honda Beat Open.

The highlight of the day was the masterful performance of Mario Borbon
of X-Racing who was virtually unstoppable as he dominated both Novice
100-110 and 125 Classes. This was certainly a strong message to future
opponents as he climbs up in the Novice and Expert Classes. Better
watch-out because McBuckz is here and he is ready to shake things-up
in the Open classes.

This race was also the re-emergence of Gary Caneda who seems to have evolved
after training sessions with Bobby Mencias who is the coach of the Honda Motorworld
Racing Team and also his teammate. He has totally polished his game as
proven by his blazing lap times, knee slides and improved riding. He bags
the top spot in the Honda Beat Open and also finished 2nd place for both
Novice 100-110 and 125 Open Classes.

Underbone Tuner would like to thank and congratulate Jonnel Borromeo of
Honda Motorworld, Jong Uy of Racing Line, and Juno Villena of Honda
Philippines Inc. for the very explosive start of the Honda Motorworld
Circuit Racing 2010 Season.

Special Thanks to the generous Team Manager of X-Racing
Eyoy Solon and congratulations for the very successful and dominating
start of Team X-Racing in the 2010 racing season.

1. Keken Cabahug - Honda Motorworld-CYRUS
2. Mark Capoy - Honda Motorworld-SkutGarage
3. Jes Louie Vega - Team CYRUS
4. Jonard Romero - Bungkag Racing Team
5. Stephen Lauron - Team CYRUS

1. Keken Cabahug - Honda Motorworld-CYRUS
2. Moises Munoz - Team MAC
3. Mark Capoy - Honda Motorworld-SkutGarage
4. Jes Louie Vega - Team CYRUS
5. Stephen Lauron - Team CYRUS

1. Gary Caneda Jr. - Honda Motorworld-CRT
2. Keken Cabahug - Honda Motorworld-CYRUS
3. Bobby Mencias - Honda Motorworld-BMR
4. Mark Capoy - Honda Motorworld-SkutGarage
5. Gilbert Miro - Honda Motorworld-SkutGarage

1. Mario Borbon - X-Racing
2. Gary Caneda Jr. - Honda Motorworld-CRT
3. Lyndon Requilme - Honda Motorworld-Team MAC
4. Emok Tarona - Ervynn Racing
5. Bobby Mencias - Honda Motorworld-BMR

1. Mario Borbon - X-Racing
2. Gary Caneda Jr. - Honda Motorworld-CRT
3. RJ Manlise - Bradz Racing
4. Lyndon Requilme - Honda Motorworld-Team MAC
5. Bobby Mencias - Honda Motorworld-BMR

1. Arnel UT: X-Racing is off to a very strong start in 2010 and Mario Borbon
is virtually unstoppable in the Novice Open, What preparations did the team
do for this race?
Insik Flores X-Racing: First of all we focused our preparations on the engine,
we used a 2002 54mm Drag race engine as our platform and built it from there.
We also kept our regular practice for our rider to keep him fit and ready.

2. Arnel UT: How does it feel now that your Team is off to a very good start in
the 2010 racing season? What are your future plans as a team?
Eyoy Solon X-Racing: As a Team Manager I feel overwhelming joy, this victory
means a lot to our team since it is our first double win in the Novice Open
and its a great start to a new racing season in 2010. Regarding our future plans
in the OZR GP we will shift our focus in the Novice and Expert class. Mario Borbon
will be using a new X1 Race bike and Insik Flores will be using a Sniper race bike.

3. Arnel UT: What is your assesment of the Cebu Riders? What is your advice to
the Cebuano Riders who want to be able to compete on a national level?
Ivan Santiago Suzuki Racing Team Manila: The Cebuano riders are really talented and
they have improved so much over the years I think they can compete effectively
on a national level all they need is exposure and experience in competing with riders
from Manila. My advice is for them to keep on practicing and continue to push
their limits, and shorten their laptimes even more.

4. Arnel UT: What is your message to all the supporters and fans of X-Racing?
Eyoy Solon and Mario Borbon X-Racing: We would like to Thank them for
believing in our team. Keep on supporting us and we promise to work hard even
more to bring more victories for our team.

Spark Ortille will be here to conduct a race clinic and professional
race technicians will also be coming over to conduct a clinic for mechanics.


Beginner Superstock 100-110 Winners

Beginner Superstock 125 Winners

Honda Beat Open Winners

Novice Open 100-110

Novice Open 125

Mario Borbon of X-Racing takes his victory lap




Keken Cabahug of the grid

Nino Surban of Team OZR


Paul Mencias of Team BMR on the grid

Juno Villena of Honda Philippines Inc. on the grid

Mark Capoy on the grid


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