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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Yamaha Club Grand Eyeball Cebu - Gallery 2

The event was attended by  riders from Yamaha Fino Club Cebu, United Sniper Club of Cebu,
South Scooter Club,All Mio Club Cebu,SZ16 Riders of Cebu,Yamaha Cebuana Club,Soul i Exclusive Team Cebu, Mio MXi Cebu,FZ16 Club Cebu Philppines,Mio Elite Scooter Cebu, Vega force Riders Pack, Tribu Del Mio De Bohol,  Street Monarch Sniper Club Bohol, and R15 CEBU CLUB. During the event the participants enjoyed a sumptuous dinner buffet. After that the program ensued starting with the presentation of the Blue  Core technology along with the Mio i 125 and Soul i 125. After that the Mr. Soul i 125 and Ms. Mio i 125 competition took place which was won by Patrica Mae Mendoza and Lemuel Englis. A Yamaha Slalom and Chidori contest also took place, then after that the participating riders also got the chance to show off their motorcycles in the custom contest that had two themes, the Retro look which was won by Paulino Napatang Jr. and the Vibrant look that was won by Jhingle Alutaya with her Hello Kitty themed Vega Force.

This gathering went beyond the simple joys of coming together of people who shared the same interests and lifestyle, it is a culmination of individuals who share the same passion A community, a family, a club that reminds everyone that riding is living and only Yamaha Revs your Heart.

For more details about the event catch it on the pages of Inside Racing Magazine.


Yamaha Club Grand Eyeball Cebu - Gallery 1

Yamaha Philippines held its Yamaha Club Grand Eyeball last September 5, 2015 at Cafe Racer Diner Cebu. The Grand Eyeball had a Retro theme hence they dubbed it as "Revtro a Classic Congregation Grand Eyeball".  It was certainly the perfect setting as Cafe Racer is Classic themed diner inspired by Cafe Racer Culture and 24 hour diners that dominated the US highways during the 70s and 80s.  It is one of the favorite hangouts of bikers and car enthusiasts in Cebu. The Yamaha event celebrated the camaraderie among Yamaha riders. Over 500 Yamaha Club members took part in the event. A testament to Yamaha's mission to unite riders from all walks of life.

During the event the participants were greeted by Yamaha Sales and Marketing Director, Mr. Kaoru Ogura who shared his gratitude to the riders for their support and cooperation as well as being a symbol of Yamaha’s excellence on the road during his opening remarks. Visayas Sales Manager,  Mr. Carlo Monterola also gave his thanks and said that this was a fulfillment of a promise which was made during last year’s grand eyeball.

One of the biggest highlights of the event was the surprise introduction of the Yamaha Sniper 150 MXi which was an epic climax of the night. The new motorcycle was driven into a crowd of eagerly awaiting Yamaha Club riders. This brought wild cheers from the crowd, it was received with a warm and chaotic excitement. The riders wasted no time getting up close and personal with the highly anticipated version of the Sniper, the riders were literally awestruck after seeing the bike in the flesh. They were pretty excited to know the juicy technical details about the bike.

For more details about the event catch it on the pages of Inside Racing Magazine.


Estrella Galicia MotoGP Inspired Yamaha Vega Force form Cebu City

For this week we are featuring an Estrella Galicia MotoGP Inspired Yamaha Vega Force.
The bike is owned by Larrie Badilla a lead security officer of Convergys.
Larrie has long been fascinated by MotoGp and bike modification.
He is one of the founding members of Vega Force Riders Pack Cebu, after
joining the club he was further motivated in taking his bike modifications
to the next level.

Going into the bike Larrie started with the bold team colors the bright blue
and orange colors. The high quality paint job was done by Ryan Saavedra.
After that he did the decals layout himself together with the
help of Maryjan Mae Cablinan. The bike uses custom made fiberglass line beam garnishes
and the front boomerang/wing which was done by Lando Fiber works in Cebu.

The bike also uses Trusty front shocks and Nicetect Rearshocks for the suspension.
To increase stopping power he used Minchin Big Disk rotor. To get into
the MotoGp feel of the bike he used Yamaha Rear sets. For the line beam lens he
had them blacked out to achieve a meaner look to accompany the racing theme.

For more details about the bike catch it on the pages of Inside Racing Magazine.

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