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Friday, October 30, 2015

Kanji the Prismatic Hyper Underbone Showbike from Sipalay City

For this week we are featuring a "Millennium Japanese Underbone Bike" inspired Raider 150. The bike is owned by Lovely Kailah Lademora a member of Suzuki Owners Club Team Pilipinas. The bike is basically inspired by Japan's underworld custom car culture hence they dubbed it the “Kanji”. Staying true to its theme they took on a Japanese approach on how they could make a dominant underbone such us the Raider stand out even more. So the crew behind it gave it a prismatic pink chrome finish just like the head turning Lambo's or Domestic Supercars in Tokyo with their chrome body paint giving this prismatic effect when any kind of light strikes it.

The Team Behind the Bike are the most trusted friends of Kailah specially the Suzuki Owners Club Sipalay Chapter and Team Ekiong Sy headed by Erickson Gaite of Dumaguete City. Their help was crucial in making the “Show Bike” build a success. The challenges faced by the team was the shipping and ordering of parts as they only used top of the line parts which would match their theme. The integration of the parts was also a challenge as they wanted all the components to adhere seamlessly to the overall concept of the bike.
For more details about the bike catch it on the pages of Inside Racing Magazine.

Modified Bikes: The Skygo Pony Cafe Racer

For this week we have something special for Cafe Racer Junkies out there. The bike we our featuring is a modified Skygo Pony styled into a sleek Cafe Racer one of the exhibit bikes for Skygo as it tours the different malls in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

The Pony Cafe Racer project began with Skygo CEO Mr. David Ian C. King's interest in the cafe racer genre. Supported by the presence of the local custom culture, which is nowadays gaining increasing popularity. “Our Pony is the most customizable bike, a bike that was proposed by IBP's and it is selling very fast, especially among the IBP's. This means that our IBP's truly know what our market needs,” said Ryan Tan Yu, product development officer of Skygo.

The Pony Cafe Racer project was meant to showcase the Skygo Pony as a versatile platform for bike modifiers in our country which is a rapidly growing every year. The timeless classics are making a roaring comeback, theres just something about classic styled bikes that makes it transcend across generations. Bikers from all generations are just fascinated by it. Well as the saying goes "There's no cool like the old school". This Skygo Pony Cafe Racer Project is a testament that building a classic bike is feasible and you don't have to break your bank account in the process.

The Skygo Pony was released to serve a distinct market with an interest in classic design. The flexible nature of its base configuration allows for many modification variations by creative owners, from vintage lovers to modern enthusiasts. The key visual features of this motorcycle that motorists love most are its compact profile, perfectly-fitting wide tires, and its balance of modern and classic details.

For more details about the bike catch it on the pages of Inside Racing Magazine.


Monday, October 12, 2015

Petronas Fomula 1 Team Inspired Modified Yamaha Vega Force Fi

For this week we have a sleek Petronas Fomula 1 Team inspired
Yamaha Vega Force Fi. The bike is owned by Carl Jude Opolentisima
who is one of the councils/advisers of Vega Force Riders Pack Cebu.
Carl is a Client Support Specialist of Taleco / Job Target but his hobby
is modifying his bike. Work on the bike started gradually until it reached
its current state, overall it took 8 months to build and setup.

Going into the bike it sports a Petronas Formula 1 color theme. It is custom painted
by Ryan Saavedra from Urgello Cebu. It also sports custom made fiberglass Line beam side
garnish, chest wings/visor/boomerang and belly pan made by Lando Fiber works of
Cebu. It also features a unique custom seat which can convert from
a single seater to a 2 seater. In single seater mode it has a custom made
fiberglass canopy over the rear part of the seat, the fiberglass seat canopy was made
by Lando Fiber works while the seat itself was made by Alex Dungog Esculto

The bike features a wide array of aftermarket parts it Uses Racing Boy Fork Stabilizer.
Brake hose holder, Chain Cover, Brake lever, brake arm, Disk Rotor. It also uses
Bikers axle sliders, and key cover. It also uses Trusty Outer tube and bar ends. Aside from
that the bike also uses Yamaha aftermarket accessories such as the X-1 Rear Set, Oil plug,
helmet hook, and engine cover. The bike uses Rizoma Side mirrors, FDR Tires, DK plate
holder, DK Brake master cylinder cover, DK Odometer protector, Osaki Brake lever protector,
and Caliper protector.

For more details about the bike catch it on the pages of Inside Racing Magazine.

Parts and Accessories Used:
Rizoma side mirrors
Yamaha X-1 Rear set
Yamaha oil plug
Yamaha Helmet hook
Custom Vega Force Classic Garnish
Custom Sniper Classic Visor
Custom Yamaha Vega Force Engine Cover (Belly pan)
Bikers Axle sliders
Bikers Key Cover
Racing Boy Fork stabilizer
Racing Boy Brake hose holder
Racing Boy chain cover
Racing Boy brake lever v3
Racing Boy brake arm
Racing Boy disk rotor
Earls brake hose
Trusty outer tube
Trusty Bar end
FDR Tires
DK Plate holder
DK Brake oil cover
DK Odometer protector
Osaki Lever protector
Osaki Caliper Protector


Venom wide tire Honda Zoomer from Minglanilla Cebu

For this week we are featuring a standout scooter that blasted on the scooter modifying scene here in Cebu last August 2015.  This scooter was modified by a Team based in Minglanilla Cebu for the sole purpose of grabbing your eyeballs and make your head turn 360 degrees if necessary to get your attention. The scoot is a beautiful fusion of Styles of Thai, Californian mixed with Philippine flair. The bike is owned by Anna Marie Mata a house wife who is a testament that scooter modifying is not only for men.  In a contest mostly dominated by men Anna proves that girls can slug it out with the best bike modifiers out there.

The wide tire trend especially for the Honda Zoomer can be traced back in early 2000s when the Honda Zoomer hit the shores of the USA.  It shed its playful nature by shedding its skin to expose its bare frame and fitted with super wide tires. The scoot was warmly embraced by custom-vehicle culture and was now dubbed as the "Ruckus" immortalized in the "California Love" video a testament to its rugged style which would later on spread its influence around the globe. Fast forward to Thailand the trend setter in the ASEAN who are years ahead in CNC technology compared to their ASEAN counterparts, they have seamlessly adapted the California wide tire influence in their local market and is now taking south East Asia by storm with their impeccable production of these precision made mag wheels to cater to the super wide tire trend for scooters.

Catch more details about the bike on Inside Racing Magazine.

Parts and Accessories Used:
Dakingerzi crash guard
Solis axle nut
Dk brake hose
Projector headlight assembly
Mt8 allen caps
Dk speedometer gear
Brembo caliper
Dk washers
Mu factory allen caps
Visor and chin fiber
Panom brake lever
Option1 side mirror
Option1 handle grip
Rizoma handlebar
H2c handle clamp
Cnc racing brake fluid cap
NUI helmet hook
Stainless steel matting (chrome)
chrome u-box cover
Noiwatdan flat seat
H2c foot rest
Arashi air cleaner
Ttgr rear shock
Chrome crank case
Dk brake arm
Dk oil cooler
Earl's radiator hose
Cld racing pipe
Swing arm extension
TU paknam allen caps
Fatty mags (rear)
Rally rear tire
Dunlop 100/90-12(front)
Dk engine oil cap
venom theme airbrush
Dtd disk plate
Allen bolts (stainless)
NUI lowering kit
Chrome extension bracket
Sum racing breather hose
THH fuel hose


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