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Saturday, October 26, 2013

The 5th Annual Biketoberfest 2013 - Cebu Gallery 1

Underbone Tuner was on the scene for the 5th Annual Biketoberfest 2013. The event is organized by Star Touring and Riding Association. Biketoberfest is a 2 day event with a lot of activities in store for the participants. Theres the Slow bike competition, Bike Show Competition, Loudest Bike, Stunt Riding show, Fireworks display and the Miss Biketoberfest.

IT Park was packed as close to 3000 bikes from all over the Visayas took part in the event. There were also a lot of booths showcasing the latest biker gear (MotoGears, OZ Racing, etc.), and the latest motorcycle models from Suzuki, Honda, KTM, KYMCO, Royal Enfield, Aprilia, Vespa, Trinity Custom Werx, and Sunriser.

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The 2nd Mayor Teresa Alegado Motorcycle Show SM Consolacion - Gallery 1

Underbone Tuner was on the scene for the 2nd Mayor Teresa Alegado Motorcycle Show which was
held in SM Consolacion.  The Best bike builders from all over Cebu were in attendance.  The highly anticipated event is organized by Atty. Bacus together with YRT.  This years event proved to be even bigger
and it is one of the most well organized and highly entertaining Bike Shows I have covered.  Spectators were treated with the best Modified and Customized Underbones and Scooters showcase. Lots of freebies and prizes were up for grabs for the competitors and the spectators as there were many chances of winning in the trivia and games during the event.  There was live mix music as they had DJs from Manila.  Stunning models were also present and they even had 2 shifts (The Day Shift and the Night Shift) so they really turned up the heat as event went on the organizers went really all out for this event.

Atty. Bacus with the judges Erwin Cabatingan, Insik Flores and Jed Kho together with Miss Cebu 2014 winner Crystal Star “Star” Aberasturi (right most) and Miss Mandaue Steffi Rose Pearson Aberasturi (2nd to the left).
 photo GEDC6740_zps85b4ce0c.jpg

 photo GEDC6644_zpsb9e53891.jpg
One of the entries of Team Sanchez airbrushed by Cocoi Franco Harbay Jagape
 photo GEDC6643_zps3f34c749.jpg

Eddie Macasero's Tekken MIO
 photo GEDC6669_zps2ca78111.jpg

 photo GEDC6658_zps252c7c1a.jpg

GABZ FX Moto Detailing entry 1
 photo GEDC6697_zpsc71a877e.jpg

Atty. Bacus (center)
 with Miss Cebu 2014 winner Crystal Star “Star” Aberasturi (left) and Miss Mandaue Steffi Rose Pearson Aberasturi (right).
 photo GEDC6705_zps6bb0895c.jpg

 photo GEDC6687_zpsa0ef159d.jpg

Jon Malinao's Yamaha Vega Force that sports dual exhaust, dual rear big disk brake.
 photo GEDC6651_zpse3ddc290.jpg

Team ZIPP Racing entry all the way from Mactan
 photo GEDC6472_zps07d61d81.jpg

KONG Brothers engineering Optimus Prime Raider 150 Streetfighter
 photo GEDC6414_zps2c8a15aa.jpg

Check-out the custom fabricated tail end made by KONG Brothers Engineering
 photo GEDC6412_zps7a5f6e24.jpg

Team YRT, Atty. Bacus together with the day shift models.
 photo GEDC6402_zps47994bd5.jpg

ZIPP Racing Raider entry
 photo GEDC6627_zps24e5ef5e.jpg

Team Sanchez 2nd bike entry
 photo GEDC6642_zpsfb8395db.jpg

Motocross Rider Donkey Sanchez with master airbrush artist Cocoi
 photo GEDC6503_zps72bdea5c.jpg

 photo GEDC6613_zpsc4cf95bd.jpg

Day shift models
 photo GEDC6596_zpsc3edeead.jpg

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The 1st Mayor JVR Motorcycle Dragrace - Talisay City Kasadya Fiesta Gallery 1

Presented by Blakeleys Motorcare and the City of Talisay.

 photo GEDC6199_zps08ffbde0.jpg

Kamiyaze and Kamikure Drag Racing Teams
 photo GEDC6188_zps875aae5f.jpg

 photo GEDC6225_zps9dd6d807.jpg

Drag Racing Action
 photo GEDC6224_zpsf5a522d9.jpg

 photo GEDC6231_zpsa1260ad7.jpg

 photo GEDC6215_zpsde864ba4.jpg

 photo GEDC6217_zps47358b14.jpg

 photo GEDC6213_zpse1399889.jpg  photo GEDC6207_zps165f6db3.jpg

 photo GEDC6211_zps1971e1b7.jpg

 photo GEDC6192_zps1cb51e68.jpg

Carbs Drag Racing Team
 photo GEDC6197_zpsd0c0684b.jpg

Kamikure and Kamiyaze Drag Racing Teams
 photo GEDC6188_zps59fefa57.jpg

Kamigawa Drag Racing Team
 photo GEDC6178_zps36462fd4.jpg

 photo GEDC6176_zps696d075c.jpg

The 1st Mayor JVR Motorshow Competition - Talisay City Fiesta Gallery 1

Presented by Blakeleys Motorcare and the City of Talisay

   photo GEDC6283_zps9650bda4.jpg

 photo GEDC6286_zpsab33bedf.jpg

 photo GEDC6288_zpsb134905f.jpg

 photo GEDC6275_zpsb877e916.jpg

 photo GEDC6294_zpsfe106e7c.jpg

Scooter Airbrush Art by the Master Cocoi Franco Harbay Jagape
 photo GEDC6278_zpsaf3b3760.jpg

 photo GEDC6276_zps1118db52.jpg

Suspension & Pro-Arm modification by KONG Brothers Engineering Cebu.
 photo GEDC6241_zps4ec4330e.jpg

Everything you see in this awesome bike is custom built by KONG Brothers Engineering Cebu.
 photo GEDC6233_zps3f7e84bd.jpg

Check-out the custom fabricated Street Fighter Tail End for this Raider 150 giving it the Aggressive Euro

Street Fighter look custom built by the KONG Brothers of Cebu.
 photo GEDC6239_zps93e5c3b3.jpg

The Heavy Hitters of Motorcycle Modifying in Cebu (Kong Brothers) and CDO (Reedo).
 photo GEDC6265_zpsdb13d0d4.jpg

Another masterpiece by the KONG Brothers.
 photo GEDC6252_zps93d4913c.jpg

 photo GEDC6264_zps930a72d7.jpg

The famous Dragon Bites VEGA Force of CDO by Reedo Timosan.
 photo GEDC6253_zps9416da89.jpg

 photo GEDC6262_zps0c537efa.jpg

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