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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mechanical Fusion: Customized Yamaha RS 100 Showbike

Underbone Tuner was able to interview Johnie Rey Nabua the bike builder from Luzon behind the
jaw dropping Yamaha 2-stroke bikes that took the IR Bikefest 2013 by storm.  He talks about his
award winning creation which bagged the National Championship for the IR Bikefest Customized
bike competition.

Bike: YAMAHA RS-100
Owner/Designer: Johnie Rey Nabua

The Team behind the bike:
Raigo Metal Finishing
Zero Custom Graphics
K2 Hydrographics
JR Designs
Serna Machine Shop

1. UT: How did you come-up with the rear swing arm? did you design it? who did the machining for the parts? 
Johnie: The rear swing arm is adopted with the chassis which is using round tubes. There are similarities of the design with the existing single sided swing arms in the market. It is similar but not the same. The alloy covers integrated with the swing arms are all personalized. The design also needed to adapt to a belt drive transmission system that makes the interconnection of the parts harder. The machining was made by our “Kuya Flor and Papi Jun” of Serna Machine Shop.

 2. Can you talk about your front suspension system? Can your walk us through how you built the front suspension system? 
Johnie: Maybe It’s just hard to notice but the front swing arm is a factory made swing arm from a single sided front suspension scooter. I just bought it online but it’s not a plug and play type we made customization on it because real customizers hate plug and play parts. We make adjustments to suit it well to the entire design of the frame.

 3. How did you get into modifying bikes? how did you get started? 
Johnie: I love bikes. I love to see unique parts and unique bikes. I can make a design and do some of its parts but I cannot put it in to reality alone that makes me explore to search for people and talents to help me. In modifying bikes I create the design and build my team of builders, I don’t take the credit alone, to be able to work with other talents to build and complete the bike is the best thing for me, In the end I was able to have a unique bike to be proud off and build a team of talents and friends.

 4. Why did you choose the 2-stroke platform? 
Johnie: When it comes to the category of bikes between 2 and 4 stroke, I think the 2 stroke bikes are the under dogs that makes it more challenging. To be able to customized one, most of the parts would be made and not bought. That situation would push a customizer to its limit not to able to buy parts but rather to create it.

 5. Can you describe the overall concept of your bike? how did you come up with the overall theme?
Johnie: The theme and concept of bike is robotic type, we also base concept on available materials and machines limitations. The word “single sided” also wrap the entire design, most of the parts including the paint and airbrush design are single sided that no parts from left to right to bottom and front are the same and duplicated. Every single part should be customize including the engine parts and covers. You will enjoy looking around the bike and finding every angle and every part unique and will tease you to look at it longer.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

The 2nd Minglanilla Motorshow - Gallery 2

Micheal Parba with new best friend =)  photo GEDC5942_zps7ed58925.jpg

Eddie Macasero's Tekken Themed Scooter  photo GEDC5914_zpsf36d3cc3.jpg

 photo GEDC5924_zps22a0baf6.jpg

Cocoi Jagape's Airbrush art  photo GEDC5902_zps64e1291d.jpg

 photo GEDC5839_zps1c07b63d.jpg

Iron Man Themed Honda Bravo  photo GEDC5831_zpsf150dc13.jpg

 photo GEDC5869_zps9c4715ab.jpg

Warcraft / Joker Themed Honda Wave 125  photo GEDC5833_zpse972c0fc.jpg

Daryl Navales Winning entry dual chain drive Bumble bee Theme Wave 125  photo GEDC5838_zpse4d864a1.jpg

Mini Motard entry  photo GEDC5850_zps8831018f.jpg

The 2nd Minglanilla Motoshow - Gallery 1

Team Celmal Vega Force entry  photo GEDC5820_zps880dcdef.jpg

 photo GEDC5825_zpsc8e0884c.jpg

Hello Kitty Themed Scooter  photo GEDC5994_zpsbcff189a.jpg

 photo GEDC5979_zpsc5b7a206.jpg

 photo GEDC5967_zps4ce0839c.jpg

Airbrush Master Cocoi Franco Harbay Jagape of Lawaan Talisay  photo GEDC5927_zpsc0e5a63a.jpg

Micheal Parba and friends with Bike Show Model  photo GEDC5943_zps6894660f.jpg

Dual exhaust by Team Celmal  photo GEDC5951_zps7bb0bfca.jpg

Master Scooter builder from the South Eddie Macasero with his Wife  photo GEDC5929_zpsbf8ffc80.jpg

Airbrush art by Cocoi Jagape  photo GEDC5905_zpsae44b527.jpg

Monday, August 12, 2013

Modified Yamaha Vega Force by Team Celmal Cebu

Bike: Yamaha Vega Force
Owner / Builder: Sir Jon Malinao of Team Celmal

Parts and Accessories Used:
- Bikers axle nut protector/slider Front and Rear
- Gaz-i Rear Adustable Shock absorbers with cannister
- Option 1 Rear Set and passenger foot rest assembly
- Racing Boy Chain tensioner
- DBS Swing Arm
- Custom Airbrush for Body and Engine
- Bride Racing Saddle
- Koso Devil Side Mirrors
-Yoko 2 tone rims
- Trusty Front Outer Tube
- Racing Boy Big Disk Rotor
- Biker Pipe Cannister Heat Guard
- Racing Boy Single piston brake caliper
- Earls Brake hose
- MTRT Igntion Coil
- FDR Tires

 photo GEDC5010_zps7eebf7d7.jpg

 photo GEDC4998_zpsa06fe7a5.jpg

 photo GEDC5012_zpsaaf5ae4f.jpg

 photo GEDC5009_zpsfffe00d7.jpg

 photo GEDC4999_zps6a694eb8.jpg

 photo GEDC5000_zpsdf65ce18.jpg

The 2nd Minglanilla Motorshow happening this coming weekend.

Good evening underbone and scooter enthusiasts. There will be a big Motorshow this coming weekend at Minglanilla. Be there and checkout the hot new creations of the best bike builders in Cebu.  photo poster_zps1625146b.jpg

Venue Location:
 photo mapII_zps593cbde6.jpg

 photo posterII_zps6d621513.jpg

How to get there:
 photo mao_zps03b8ae6e.jpg

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Yamaha GP Danao : Gallery 1

CYRUS Racing Team  photo GEDC5674.jpg

INSIK Inside  photo GEDC5675.jpg

 photo GEDC5711.jpg

 photo GEDC5628.jpg

Crowd favortie Arlan De la Cruz  photo GEDC5623.jpg

 photo GEDC5587.jpg

 photo GEDC5620.jpg

 photo GEDC5757.jpg

 photo GEDC5780.jpg

 photo GEDC5794.jpg

 photo GEDC5719.jpg

 photo GEDC5727.jpg

Clet Cuizon in action  photo GEDC5737.jpg

 photo GEDC5726.jpg

 photo GEDC5721.jpg

 photo GEDC5713.jpg

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