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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Yamaha SZ16 Ambassadors and Owners Adventure Ride to Oslob

The Yamaha SZ16 Ambassadors together with SZ16 Owners from all over Cebu were once again out for another adventure. This time around it was a 3 hour trip going to the South. The destination was the municipality of Oslob which is famous for its Whale Sharks and the Tumalog Falls. The Group assembled at 5am in Jollibee Mandaue and rode out at 6am. The riders were greeted with spectacular views going there particularly the coastal roads of Alcoy and Boljoon which are famous for its turquoise crystal clear waters, Historic Churches and spectacular bays lined by white sand beaches. Finally the Group arrived at Oslob around 9am and settled at MBs Sunrise View Beach Resort. Yamaha PH has already lined-up some unforgettable activities for the group. The first was Whale Shark watching. Majority of the group were first timers in Oslob and the place was simply breath taking. Crystal clear turquoise waters provided a very clear view of the Wale sharks which are really big up close, the biggest we have seen was about the length to 3 jeepneys. It was a really cool experience for the riders. The next stop was Tumalog Falls which is a short drive to the mountain ranges of Oslob and a short but lung busting jungle trek going to the falls. Tumalog falls looks really mysterious and totally kept in its natural state. Dense jungle surrounded it and it is truly worth the trek which offered a really good cardio workout.  photo GEDC5542.jpg

 photo GEDC5578.jpg

 photo GEDC5549.jpg

 photo GEDC5485.jpg

 photo GEDC5427.jpg

 photo GEDC5509.jpg

 photo GEDC5527.jpg

 photo GEDC5523.jpg

 photo GEDC5424.jpg

 photo GEDC5414.jpg

 photo GEDC5462.jpg

 photo GEDC5366.jpg

 photo GEDC5396.jpg

 photo GEDC5386.jpg

 photo GEDC5363.jpg

 photo GEDC5338.jpg

 photo GEDC5342.jpg

 photo GEDC5353.jpg

 photo GEDC5332.jpg

Custom Addicts: Customized Bike Competition Gallery 2

 photo GEDC5180_zpsb217087d.jpg  

photo GEDC5171_zps4484f424.jpg  

photo GEDC5176_zpsc05196fd.jpg  photo GEDC5158_zpsdd12bcb4.jpg  

photo GEDC5169_zps8d07725f.jpg  photo GEDC5146_zps35eeb788.jpg  

photo GEDC5057_zpsa7e3e3f8.jpg  photo GEDC5070_zps7633e707.jpg  

photo GEDC5019_zps2242fa93.jpg  photo GEDC5087_zpsa8dba552.jpg  photo GEDC5080_zps2364590b.jpg  

photo GEDC5004_zps59556f10.jpg

Custom Addicts: Customized Bike Competition Results and Gallery 1

Presented by:
District 50 and Dak Magnetic
in cooperation with JunLove Promotions and J Centre Mall

Bike Show Winners:
Best in Yamaha - Rosel Kong ('09 Yamaha Mio - Sporty yellow)
Best in Suzuki - Roel Vincent Kong ('09 Suzuki Raider 150 blue)
Best in Honda - Daryl Go Navales ('10 Honda Wave 100 yellow/black)
Best in Kawasaki - Carlo Magno ('11 Kawasaki Ninja 250 white orange)

Best Display - Daryl Go Navales ('10 Honda Wave 100 yellow/black)
Best in Paint - Eddie V. Macasero ('10 Yamaha Mio Amore tekken 6 concept)
Best in Sound - Ralph Vincent M Abenido (Honda Beat red)

Overall Champion - Rosel Kong ('09 Yamaha Mio - Sporty yellow)

Felix Jao, Melbourne Industrial Sales, Drysdale Mktg., Joy Tan,
Silvermax Inc., Jefferson Jao, Joanna Jao, Engr. Jun Chiong,
Kymco, Allure, Guegue, Camellia, Outburst, Vinovske,
Razons, Tattoo Republic, Handuraw Pizza, Converse,
Profoods, Gloria Craze, Racing Boy

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photo GEDC5105_zpsd8e30a0e.jpg  

photo GEDC5063_zps0376c650.jpg  

photo GEDC5093_zpsbd467b98.jpg  

photo GEDC5127_zpsa5de7468.jpg  

photo GEDC5060_zps918217ce.jpg  

photo GEDC5055_zpsf98dba24.jpg  

photo GEDC4999_zpsd318c68f.jpg  

photo GEDC5016_zps169bb0d5.jpg  

photo GEDC5000_zpsa36d97cc.jpg  

photo GEDC5039_zps9020b482.jpg  

photo GEDC4996_zpsfe9499dd.jpg  

photo GEDC5054_zpsefd6873c.jpg

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