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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Custom: Honda TMX155 Classic Bobber with Sidecar

As what we have promised last week, we are now bringing you an actual bike in Cebu that uses the Kikker 5150 Bobber Kit from the USA. The bike is owned by Geofrey Kenneth Gonzalez aka Islandrudebwoy (Vocals, yawyaw, sermon, hype man and Toaster) of reggae band Junior Kilat, Bambuspliff, Selah Dub Warriors and Mystic Soul Warriors. The Bike uses a Honda TMX 155 engine, custom made side car designed by rudebwoy himself. The Kit is already a rolling chassi but it had to be assembled from the ground up together with some minor machining work. The low center of gravity allows for a smooth comfortable ride even in long distances and the size of the frame is highly suited for the filipino body size it is compact, light and rigid. It rides really well even on high speeds.
Stay tuned next week as we feature different variants of the Kikker 5150 sporting different engine sizes and configurations.

   photo GEDC4925_zps5a04fa1d.jpg

 photo GEDC4938_zps8eccc87e.jpg

 photo GEDC4919_zps7cbe69d1.jpg

 photo GEDC4916_zpsfe5f0dfb.jpg

 photo GEDC4915_zps7dc82e59.jpg

 photo GEDC4935_zps1e290e43.jpg

 photo GEDC4941_zps44c5aee8.jpg

 photo GEDC4927_zps35155b60.jpg

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Kikker Hardknock Bobber Kit for TMX155, Barako 175, etc.

The Kikker Hardknock Bobber kit is an innovative platform to build an affordable
custom bobber bike.  The chassi is universal and can accommodate various engine sizes
from 110cc to 250cc.  This is just a sneak peak as later on this week we will feature
a TMX 155 build that uses this kit.  There's a wide array of design choices from the
handle bars, fenders, suspension and accessories. What I also like about this kit is the low center of gravity which offers a more stable ride even on high speeds.

Enjoy the videos below.

In the video it shows a tall american guy riding on it but I saw the actual kit and it is
highly suitable for the Asian stature and body size.  The engine used on the video is a

The Bikes in action different engine sizes from 110 to 250cc

Saturday, June 15, 2013

2nd Toledo Bike Fest 2013 Results and Pictures

Best Suzuki Bikes
1st - Roel Vincent Kong - Motozoom
2nd - Niño - Niño Racing

Best Yamaha Bikes
1st - Rosel Niño Kong - Motozoom
2nd - Archie Deiparine - Kamikure
3rd - Richard Birao

Best Kawasaki Bikes
1st - Junjun Birao - Mad'z Creation
2nd - Wegy Ibrado - Mad'z Creation

Best Honda Bikes
1st - Navales Daryl - Cebu Custom Coating
2nd - JK Lucero - South Side Skut Garage Performance

Best Toledo Bikes
1st - Palao - Mad'z Creation
2nd - Richard Birao
3rd - Junjun Birao - Mad'z Creation

Best in Display
1st - Daryl Go Navales - Cebu Custom Coating
2nd - Rosel Niño Kong - Motozoom
Roel Vincent Kong - Motozoom

Best in Paint
1st - Rosel Niño Kong - Motozoom
2nd - Daryl Go Navales - Cebu Custom Coating
3rd - Archie Deiparine - Kamikure

Major Sponsors
Kawasaki Phils. / Gud Moto Toledo Branch
Inside Racing
Genwin Concept Motorparts and Accessories
Asia Brewery / Colt 45
Petronas Lubricants
Natnat Mercado and Ewald Abellana

Minor Sponsors
Racingboy PH
Underbone Tuner
Cebu Quality Electroplating
Walweb Internet Cafe
Nano Tires
Rell-J Disco Mobile
Primo Tires
Abemer Gen. Merchandise

 photo 994813_4262263973878_643495700_n_zps525a6a96.jpg  photo 993529_4262257133707_1737314352_n_zpsff5c6345.jpg  photo 992952_4262273454115_2004719536_n_zpsa029f261.jpg  photo 988629_4262273254110_679438252_n_zpsd4e2dec1.jpg  photo 8901_4262259813774_282442548_n_zps7481110e.jpg  photo GEDC4841_zpsabae2f4b.jpg  photo GEDC4837_zpsec2e9101.jpg  photo GEDC4813_zps0689e114.jpg  photo GEDC4809_zpse6488163.jpg  photo GEDC4796_zps0f80225e.jpg  photo GEDC4783_zps321b5344.jpg  photo GEDC4744_zps48504ac9.jpg  photo 1017067_4262250573543_1704391113_n_zpscab8af08.jpg  photo 1014310_4262257453715_1072236200_n_zpsd9d52431.jpg  photo 1000798_4262251813574_205976768_n_zpsf1c1004d.jpg

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Honda CB110: Moto Gymkhana Challenge - Video

Yamaha SZ16 Ambassadors and Owners Adventure Ride to Danasan Eco Adventure Park

The SZ16 Ambassadors and Owners Group at Danasan Eco Adventure Park Danao
 photo GEDC4639_zpsb6134dac.jpg
DANASAN ECO Adventure Park Danao
 photo GEDC4624_zps33b24a3e.jpg
Navigating through the 25km stretch of mountain roads in the mountain ranges of Danao
 photo DSC01410_zpsce919972.jpg
Briefing before wakeboarding
 photo GEDC4653_zpsac1c9d41.jpg
Another shot at the mountain roads.
 photo DSC01402_zps1c5d97e8.jpg
Q and A for prizes
 photo GEDC4727_zps416aa042.jpg
Kapit ka nang mabuti sir =)
 photo GEDC4673_zpse5c720a7.jpg
 photo GEDC4663_zpse27fb088.jpg
All eyes on the board.
 photo GEDC4726_zps21d83960.jpg
We love the Yamaha SZ16
 photo GEDC4707_zps2f533060.jpg
Ang galing ko meehhnn !!!
 photo GEDC4692_zps82a1edac.jpg
mas magaling ako dude !!!
 photo GEDC4687_zpsd094ad9b.jpg
kaya nyo to mga tol ? !!!
 photo GEDC4680_zpsabeb2fdb.jpg
Yamaha had the entire wakeboard facility reserved the whole day for the Ambassadors and Owners of the new SZ16.
 photo GEDC4641_zpsde661aad.jpg
Riding on the Unimog Off-road truck.
 photo GEDC4633_zps3cb47a58.jpg

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bat Pod Relica Bikes from around the world

This is the original one from the movie early pre-production.

By Chopper City USA

By a Batman Fan in Vietnam

Rebuilt version Vietnam

Malaysian Version by Eastern Bobber

The 2nd Toldedo City Bike Fest 2013

 photo revisedbanner_res_zps2be62ec4.jpg

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