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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kopiko Astig 3 in 1 Supercross Cebu Race Report and Race Results

Underbone Tuner was on the scene for the Kopiko Astig 2013 Supercross series during its kick-off leg in Cebu City. Below is the full race report.
Kopiko Astig 3 in 1 kicks off the 2013 Supercross racing season with a blast with its action packed
1st leg held in Cebu South Road Properties (SRP).  It attracted more than 200 riders from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and  It also featured riders from Denmark, Thailand and Malaysia.
Despite the heavy rains the day before, the weather was perfect during race day.

 It was certainly a Danish domination as the top riders from Denmark put on a show as they bagged double wins in the Pro Open and International Category.  Team JO of Denmark was headed by world no 6 rider Nikolaj Larsen who took 1st place finish for both categories.  Mathias Jorgensen also put on an electrifying performance as he took 2nd place in the International Category, he was certainly a crowd favorite as the crowd wildly cheered for him as he performed spectacular stunts en route to his podium finish. 19-year-old Sebastian Kaergaard also had an impressive finish bagging 4th place in both categories.

The filipino riders also rose to the occasion as they gave it all they've  got and  put on a tough challenge  for the foreign riders.  Jonjon Adlawan the pride of Cebu took 3rd place for both Pro Open and International categories. Glenn Aguilar also put on a spectacular performance as he bagged 2nd place in the Pro Open but he had a difficult time in the international category but still manage to fight through and bagged 5th place.

In an interview with 3 time Danish rider of the year  Nikolaj Larsen “It’s a great track, very challenging,” “We’ve had a great time in the Philippines, and we are looking forward to coming back. The riders are very competitive and we really enjoyed the atmoshpere the crowd was amazing, but it was difficult to adjust to the warmer temprature at first which really affected our endurance but we were able to manage after 2 days of practice and getting acclimated”

Orbe Jacob also put on a strong performance in the Intermediate category while Jay Lacnit dominated the Veterans category. Janelle Saulog also put on a show to dominate the womens category while Aying Ledesma lorded over the enduro open.

Man and Machine Racing promotions President Jonas Adlawan was ecstatic as the 2013 opening leg was a smash hit. “We were only expecting more than 20 teams, but the turnout has been overwhelming,”  “For them to come all the way here and join our race will provide a strong challenge for our riders and push them to become even better.”

The Kopiko Astig 3 in 1 Supercross 2013 2nd leg will be held in Bais Negros Oriental. The action packed series is also scheduled to hit Bacolod, Dumaguete, Dipolog, Tacloban, CDO, Davao, Roxas City, Ormoc and Luzon.


Local Enduro
1. Bryan VillanO
2. Jed Luna
3. Tristan Lou Galanto
4. JP Cuesta
5. Christopher Bolarmino

1. Malbert Ram
2. Genmar Morales
3. Jason del Cerna
4. Dan Condeno

Veterans B
1. Jay Lacnit
2. Hermis Bantoc
3. Joy Jocson
4. John Fernandez
5. Roman Llorente

Pro Lites
1. Mathias Jorgensen
2. Rhodwell Matias Mangosong
3. Jon Jon Adlawan
4. Glenn Aguilar
5. Jubenile Abellar

Novice Production
1. Orbe Jacob
2. Mclean Aguilar
3. Christopher Jules Bandigan
4. Juven Legrada
5. Scott Remi

Peewee 65 cc
1. BJ Pepito
2. Ompong Gabriel
3. Keith Lloyd Abrenica
4. Meego Troy Estanislao
5. Cabaya Bilog

Peewee 50
1. Jaypee Glenn Gaid
2. Ken Kerry Ornopia
3. Keith Lloyd Abrenica
4. Kerry Ornopia
5. Charlie Vince Pascua

Veterans C
1. Jay Lacnit
2. Amay Amon
3. John Fernandez
4. Roscel Gungob
5. Janus Roy Doroy

1. Mclean Aguilar
2. Rowan James Levett
3. Gyles Aguilar
4. Felson Baculpo
5. Kyle Mont

Veterans A
1. Ariel Lacnit
2. Pipo Rubi
3. Jon2x Antonio
4. Siegfred Ornopia
5. Ayen Ledesma

Beginners Open Production
1. Mclean Aguilar
2. Christopher Jules Bandigan
3. Rolly Naparan
4. Jose Ocaban
5. Risty dela Calzada

Open Enduro
1.Aying Ledesma
2.Bryon Villano
3.Cunton Gualiza
4.Jeffward Torio
5.Vincent Pingca

1.Janelle Saulog   
2.Pia Gabriel
3.Wunncy Grace Lungay
4.R.K Cuesta

1.Orbe Jacob
2.Noy-Noy Rellosa
3.Jeven F. Lagrada
4.Wensor Pamorca
5.John Flores

Pro Open
1.Nikolaj Larsen
2.Glenn Aguilar
3.Jon Jon Adlawan
4.Sebastian Korgaard
5.Rohowell Matias Mangosong

1.Nikolaj Larsen
2.Matias Jorgensen
3.Jon Jon Adlawan
4.Sebastian Korgaard
5.Glenn Aguilar

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