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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Colt 45 MotoRoc CEBU Race Results and Pictures

By: Arnel B. Santos-Ynigo

When the Colt45 MotoRoc Racing series was announced to be hitting
the shores of Cebu it was like a steady crackle of electricity
gradually building-up heading into race day. Everybody was really
excited because this particular racing series was bringing something
different. Aside from the racing action and a chance to compete in
Manila for the national finals it also had an abundance of side events
that lasted for two days and the ones you wont likely forget because
you were having the time of your life. It was like a big rock concert,
party, bike expo and race event rolled into one. There were a lot of freebies
and prizes to be won on the side games and also the unforgetable performances
by the Go Girls who lit the stage on fire with their steaming hot dance

In the Superstock categories it was a solid performance by the top riders
of X-Racing as they bagged back to back podium finishes for 2 consecutive categories. Insik Flores took top finish in the 125 superstock category but a category later Mario Borbon would bounce back to take top finish in the 110/115 superstock category. Watching this two riders on track sometimes you might think they were coming from opposing teams because of their extreme focus and sheer determination they dont hold anything back when they face each other and they always make it a point to rock the house when they are racing on track.

In the 110/115 Modified Category it was a dominant performance by Eric Gjengaar of
CYRUS Racing. He was a man on a mission and there was no stopping him, once he got
the lead he kept it for good all the way to the checkered flag. It was also a solid
overall performance by female rider C-let Cuizon bagging 2nd place as she fought
her way to the top out-riding a deep field of riders, she is slowly but surely taking
her place as one of the elite riders from Cebu.

In the Open 4-stroke category Bobby Mencias of Team BMR put on a very unforgetable
performance it was like dejavu from 2008 all over again when the Blitzkreig
lit up the track much to the crowds delight. Mario Borbon took the 2nd spot after
battling his way out of the chase pack. Charlie Villanueva also made an impressive
debut in the open class taking 3rd.

In the 160 Modified Scooter category it was a brilliant performance by Paul Mencias
who has been slowly but surely hacking his way up the podium. He is constantly evolving and it will be only a matter of time before he takes his place as one of the dominant riders in Cebu. He bags top finish over Insik Flores an Jun Batulan.

In the 180 Modified Scooter category Mario might just have earned himself the monicker of Super Mario. He has been racing the whole day from the stock engine classes all the way to the open classes and he was been a steady fixture at the podium there is no doubt that he is indeed a warrior in any sense because of his tenacity and will to endure the demands of racing majority of the classes. He takes the top spot followed by the father and son tag team Bobby and Paul Mencias.

In the main event of the day the Special Category Mario Borbon once again leaves everybody speechless as he put on a jaw dropping performance sneaking past Johnlery Enriquez in the final two rounds to bag top finish. Johnlery took 2nd followed by Bobby Mencias.

The Colt45 MotoRoc racing series will be back again in 2012 Im sure Cebuanos will be eagerly awaiting its return to the Queen City of the South.


125 Superstock Category
1. Insik Flores - X-Racing
2. Mario Borbon - X-Racing
3. Rommel Paz - Charles Racing

110/115 Superstock Category
1. Mario Borbon - X-Racing
2. Insik Flores - X-Racing
3. Eric Gjengaar - CYRUS Racing

110/115 Modified Category
1. Eric Gjengaar - CYRUS Racing
2. C-let Cuizon - CYRUS Racing
3. Stephen Lauron - Black Dog Racing

Open 4-stroke Category
1. Bobby Mencias - BMR Phoenix
2. Mario Borbon - X-Racing
3. Charlie Villanueva - Charles Racing

160 Modified Scooter Category
1. Paul Mencias - BMR Phoenix
2. Insik Flores - X-Racing
3. Jun Batulan - SkutGarage

180 Modified Scooter Category
1. Mario Borbon - X-Racing
2. Bobby Mencias - BMR Phoenix
3. Paul Mencias - BMR Phoenix

Special Category
1. Mario Borbon - X-Racing
2. Johnlery Enriquez - Suzuki
3. Bobby Mencias - BMR Phoenix

Paul Mencias of Team BMR in action

Paul Doblada of Team Suzuki in action

Bobby Mencias of Team BMR

John leading Mario Borbon

The Suzuki Blue Bandits getting ready to enter the track

Team OBS on the grid

Charlie Villanueva of Charles Racing

Bobby Mencias for the 4t Open

The GO girls




JR Comendador of NCX

The lone female rider Clet leading Romel

The Hot GO girls

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