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Monday, May 30, 2011

Regional Underbone Grand Prix (RUGP) Leg 1 - Race Results

After a very long dry spell of Open Make Underbone Circuit Racing in Cebu,
RUGP was a very welcome relief as it hosted the kick-off leg in Cebu.
Cebuano racing fans certainly got what they came for and so much more. RUGP
delivered hard hitting action and it gave Cebuano racing fans in Cebu a chance
to meet and witness national level riders from Manila like Rizaldy Canare of
Replica PRO HPI and Cassey Ng of MTRT in action. There were a lot of prizes
and freebies for spectators and racers alike.

In the 100-125 Superstock Beginners and Novice categories it was a solid
performance by 2010 Superstock standout Albert Cabucos of Team CYRUS as
he bagged a double win for both categories.

In the Beginners 130cc Open and Pioneer Mighty Gasket 4AT 160 Scooter Open
it was a brilliant performance by Drag racing standout Tonglee Cabrera of
X-Racing as he bagged back to back top finish for both categories.

One of the major highlights of the day was the re-emergence of Keken Cabahug
of Honda Motor World Racing Team, after a year long hiatus the fiery and
fearless rider who dominated 2009 is now back in fighting form as he bagged
back to back top finishes for both Novice 130 Open and Novice Open 4-stroke,
both hard earned victories at crunch time against versatile veteran
Rizaldy Canare.

RUGP attracted a lot of new riders and clubs from all over Cebu and the nearby
provinces and the event in general was simply spectacular so racing fans
better brace themselves once more as RUGP will be back in August.

100-125 Superstock Beginners:
1. Albert Cabucos - Team CYRUS
2. Eric Gjengaar - Team CYRUS
3. Edward Abatayo - Team CYRUS

100-125 Superstock Novice:
1. Albert Cabucos - Team CYRUS
2. Julieto Espra - Team CYRUS
3. Ranran Sayam - Honda Racing Cebu

Beginners 130cc Open
1. Tonglee Cabrera - X-Racing
2. Zac Lyndon Caneda - CRT
3. Rommel Paz - Charles Racing

MTRT 4AT First Timers 130 Open
1. Bong Velasquez - HPI
2. Glenn Belido - MTRT
3. Myrell Mendoza - BMR

Pioneer Mighty Gasket 4AT 160 Scooter Open
1. Tonglee Cabrera - X-Racing
2. Seth Capuras - MackyWorx
3. Nino Surban - BMR

Pioneer Mighty Gasket 4AT Scooter Novice Open
1. Gary Caneda Jr. - Honda Motor World Racing Team
2. Lyndon Requilme - Honda Motor World Racing Team
3. Moises Munoz - Honda Motor World Racing Team

Novice 130 Open
1. Keken Cabahug - Honda Motor World Racing Team
2. Rizaldy Canare - Replica PRO HPI
3. Peter Gjengaar - Honda Motor World Racing Team

Novice Open 4-stroke
1. Keken Cabahug - Honda Motor World Racing Team
2. Rizaldy Canare - Replica PRO HPI
3. Gary Caneda Jr. - Honda Motor World Racing Team

100-125 Superstock Beginners winners

100-125 Superstock Novice winners

Beginners 130cc Open winners

Pioneer Mighty Gasket 4AT 160 Scooter Open winners

Pioneer Mighty Gasket 4AT Scooter Novice Open winners

Novice 130 Open winners

Novice Open 4-stroke winners

Cassey Ng on the grid, he was battling it out with Gary Caneda Jr. for 4AT
supremacy but crashed in the middle rounds and had to be brought to the
hospital after a collar bone fracture. ( Get well soon Casey )

Kimhiro Fujieda (Hiro-san) with David Tan

Keken Cabahug takes his victory lap

I asked them what their group was called and they simply answered the
Tulimbang boys.

MTRT visits Cebu

Paul Mencias of BMR

Seth Capuras of Mackyworx

The versatile veteran Rizaldy Canare impressed many Cebuano racing fans
after giving Honda Motor World Racing Team all that they could handle
in the underbone open class.

Gary Caneda Jr. on the grid was off to another impressive performance

Mario Borbon of X-Racing

Keken & Mark of HMWR with Jed Kho of SkutGarage

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