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Thursday, June 11, 2009

OZR GP 2009 2ND Leg Race Report and Race Videos


Official OZR Race Videos by: Icymar "The Iceman" Tagimacruz ( OZR Web Admin )

OZR Corp. does it again !!! Fresh from the very successful Honda Motor World & OZR One-Make Race Underbone Racing fans were once again treated to two whole days of extreme racing action for the OZR GP 2009 - 2ND LEG. Despite the heavy rain during the qualifying rounds it did not stop the best riders of Cebu from lighting-up the track once again. Robbie Enriquez of Team MAC registered the fastest lap time in the Expert open at 22.95 sec. Arnell Fajardo of Team OZR registered a blazing 23.66 sec in the Novice Open. In the Automatic Open Mark Capoy of SkutGarage clocked in at 23.79 sec. Meanwhile in the Beginner SS 110 Mario Borbon of X-Racing showed his dominance early as he registered 23.90 sec. In the Beginner SS 125 Jes Louie Vega of Team CYRUS had a breakout performance clocking in at 24.39 sec.

It was cloudy in Cebu when race day came but fortunately enough it did not rain. This gave all the riders the chance to unleash everything they had given the dry track conditions. The venue was packed as underbone racing fans from every corner of Cebu came to witness this highly anticipated racing event. Yamaura-san and Fukada-san of Yamaha Motor Philippines came to formally open the event. Yamaha also showcased their hot new products with their display booth and test ride area. The All Mio club of Cebu (AMC) also came in full force as they also had a booth to showcase their customized mio bikes for the crowd to enjoy.

Beginner Superstock 110 1st and 2nd Round

Beginner Superstock 110 Final Round

Things would start hot with the Beginners Superstock 110, grid positions were awarded by random number selection. Ranulfo Collina of Team Pidot and Allan Bongon of URBC got the much favored 1 and 2 positions but their lead was short lived as they were overrun by the chasing pack on the 2nd turn. By the time the riders exited the 3rd turn it was Keken Cabahug of Team CYRUS on the lead. He is trailed by his teammate Ronald Intas, followed by Mario Borbon of X-Racing and Moises Munoz of Team MAC. Four laps into the race Moises and Mario completely overrun Ronald Intas who falls to the 4th spot he has Nelson Mayol of Norkis-Yamaha hot on his tail. In the middle rounds Keken builds on his lead, Moises and Mario on the other hand are furiously battling for the 2nd spot. However in the closing rounds Moises and Mario begin to hack on his lead they are now right on the race leader's tail.
Keken defends his lead and continues to press hard all the way to victory. Mario Borbon sneaks past Moises Munoz on the last turn grabbing 2nd, they are followed by Nelson Mayol and Ronald Intas. Moises was later given a DQ Nelson Mayol moved up to 3rd followed by Ronald Intas and Ranulfo Collina.

Beginner Superstock 125 and 110 125 awarding

In the Beginner Superstock 125 things get even hotter as Jes Louie Vega of Team CYRUS starts out strong, he takes the lead with Mario Borbon of X-Racing trailing at a comfortable distance behind him. Meanwhile Moises Munoz, Nelson Mayol and Keken Cabahug are furiously battling for the 3rd spot. Jes Louie defends his lead all the way to the middle rounds but Mario Borbon was getting dangerously close behing him. Two rounds later Mario sneaks past Jes Louie and takes the lead, they are both trailed by Keken Cabahug, Moises Munoz and Nelson Mayol. For the next couple of rounds Mario builds on this lead and pulls away from Jes Louie, they are followed by Keken Cabahug, Nelson Mayol and Adrian Morato of OZR-Kamigawa. Jes Louie and Keken of Team CYRUS stage a rally in the closing rounds but it was too late. Mario Borbon of X-Racing takes the checkered flag with a good lead, he is trailed by Jes Louie Vega, Keken Cabahug of Team CYRUS, Nelson Mayol of Norkis-Yamaha and Adrian Morato of

In the Automatic Open Mark Capoy of SkutGarage was determined to redeem himself after a DNF in the first leg. He registered the fastest lap time during qualifying but in the finals he found himself right behind veteran rider Insik Flores of X-Racing battling for the top spot. To make things interesting Kenneth Ouano of Norkis-AMC was in the mix as he hounded the top two relentlessly. The three riders were in a class of their own as they built on their lead lap after lap all the way to the middle rounds. Meanwhile Ebit Demape of Norkis-AMC was busy trying to contain Lyndon Requilme of Team MAC as the later was equally determined to topple him from the 4th spot. The battle on top was also getting intense as Kenneth Ouano sneaks past Mark Capoy taking the 2nd position. Kenneth however defends his lead ferociously keeping Mark at bay. In the battle for 4th Lyndon overpowers Ebit and starts to hack on the lead of the top 3. In the final lap Insik Flores was unstoppable he takes the checkered flag first, Mark Capoy sneaks past Kenneth
he takes 2nd. Kenneth falls to 3rd followed by Lyndon Requilme and Ebit Demape.

In the Novice Open Arnell Fajardo goes all out he takes the lead but was trailed closely by Gary Caneda of Honda Motor World, they are followed by Robbie Enriquez, Lyndon Requilme, Junjun Borden and Andrei Ursal. Meanwhile in the chasing pack it was a three way battle between Nino Surban of BFC-Cyclone Danao, RJ Manlise of Bradz Racing and Jerome Borden of OZR Kamigawa. Four laps into the race Andrei crashes hard and fails to continue the race. Meanwhile it was a close battle on top as Arnel, Gary, Robbie, Lyndon and Junjun were tightly packed together much of the race, the 5 of them distance themselves from the chasing pack half the race track. In the middle rounds the unthinkable happened Arnell and Gary crash hard and get tangled up on the 3rd turn it took them quite a while to get free but it was too late as Robbie, Lyndon and Junjun sneak past them to take the lead, the chasing pack also manage to overrun them and it was RJ, Jerome and Nino battling for the 4th spot. Arnell and Gary are finally free and try to catch-up but it was to late. Robbie keeps his lead for good and takes the checkered flag with teammate Lyndon Requilme in tow they are followed by Junjun Borden and Jerome Borden both from OZR Kamigawa, Nino Surban takes passes the finish line at 5th.

In the Expert Open Robbie Enriquez "The Pacific Tornado" starts out strong he is hounded by Arnell Fajardo of Team OZR and Gary Caneda of Honda Motor World. Arnell Fajardo was relentless on the attack he kept pressuring Robbie like there’s
no tomorrow, however in the 10th lap he crashes hard and was overrun by Gary Caneda, Junun Borden and Lyndon Requilme. Gary Caneda has Robbie on his sights and pressures him on the technical turns but Robbie would pull away on the straights.
Meanwhile Junjun Borden and Lyndon Requilme were battling for the 3rd spot, Lyndon was tightly glued to Junjun he was like a shadow engaging Junjun at every turn. The battle for 5th was equally interesting between Andrei Ursal of DREI Bikes
and Jerome Borden of OZR-Kamigawa. Jerome was turning the heat up and was aggressively engaging Andrei in all corners of the track his bike was literally lurching forward looking for some weak spots on Andrei's defense. Jerome however
crashes hard after a failed attempt to sneak past Andrei going out of the 4th turn. Lyndon Requilme got past Junjun after the later had given up a narrow opening in which Lyndon capitalized. In the final lap Robbie masterfully defends his lead
and takes the checkered flag he is followed by Gary Caneda, Lyndon Requilme, Junjun Borden and Andrei Ursal.

It was another explosive leg of the OZR GP 2009, Underbone Racing fans will be talking about it for many months to come. The sponsored teams take the double victory this time in the name of Robbie Enriquez of Team MAC-BMR. OZR GP has developed a lot with the leadership of Zandro Fajardo. The look, the feel, the officiating and the ambience of each race improves at every leg and the skills of the riders have grown dramatically and it will be only a matter of time before we catch-up with the manila based riders. Don’t miss the 3rd leg this coming July 26, 2009.


Underbone Tuner would like to thank OZR Corp. President Zandro Fajardo for
taking care of all the media during the race. Thank you for the great food
and hospitality.

We would also like to extend our congratulations to Icymar for his new born
baby boy and for being newly married. Welcome to the club bro Iceman.

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