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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good News for Bikers

LTO AO modification and helmet standard suspended! ( Announced in CCM by JingZ )

Originally Posted by spike29 of MCP.

"Henri one of the director whoz present sa meeting kanina with LTO call me and informed me na ang suspended daw ay yung modification and helmet standard, and ask me to post it here to update you guyz ASAP! wahoooo!

Brothers and Sisters of the road!

I just came from the LTO meeting with Suansing, Jacobo, and Honorable Congressman Teves of Dumaguete.

I'm in between meetings right now so I wont go in to too much details, I'll leave that to our chairman Jobert Bolanos.

But what is clear from this morning's meeting is this:

1. Helmet standards of AO Suspended. Suansing also agreed verbally to a moratorium on helmet standards until 2013!!! Which means that if you buy your helmet now, you'll need to change it after five years anyway so this gives you time to follow safety standards to be dictated by the DTI and implemented by the LTO.

Acceptable helmets have these qualities:
a. is a motorcycle helmet - construction, bicycle, military helmets are not allowed
b. Has a hard plastic outer cover
c. Has a styro inner padding
d. Has inner lining
e, has a secure strap

2. Number of passengers - Suspended until further study of city and municipal roads traffic volume.

3. Modification - SUSPENDED until further study is made on what is deemed unsafe. Offhand, Asec. Suansing mentioned that Chasis alteration and low ground clearance are the things he finds dangerous modifications.

4. Saddle bags and Carrying Aparatus - Suspended.

Guys, it was a different LTO we faced today...they listened, took down notes and Asec. Suansing actually was very upfront with his agreement that some of the interpretation of the original AO was too harsh."

Looks like our efforts from the bike community are bearing fruit. Congrats to all the bikers who joined the bike ride for Cebu. Congrats to CCM. Congrats to CBA Pres. Manny Amador and Eric Du for coordinating and organizing the Cebu movement in this nationwide effort. Congrats to all the bike clubs who took part in this historic moment in upholding riders rights.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Announcements: Underbone tuner Chat Board

The Underbone Tuner Chat Board is now up.
Just check at the left panel of the website.


safe riding bike brothers

OZR Cup 2008 4th Leg Danao City : Gallery 4

Photos by: Paul Anthony Mencias

The intense rivalry between Keken Cabahug of Team CYRUS and Joshua Abellar of Team Motofix.

Team CYRUS Keken Cbahug and Jes Louie Vega blazing down the corners



The man behind the lens Paul Anthony Mencias.


Keken Cabahug on the starting grid.


Novice Open Podium

Bobby Mencias

The Skut specialist from SkutGarage

Gilbert Miro with Teammate Mark Capoy

Mark Capoy of SkutGArage in action

Bobby "The Blitzkrieg" Mencias doing a close-up smile on the grid.

Team SkutGarage dominate the Danao Open

The late Reman "Gaga" Collina leading the fast pack

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sad News for Cebu Circuit Racing

I am sad to inform all of you guys that Reman "Gaga" Collina passed away last Saturday afternoon, he had an accident while testing a drag bike.

He was an exciting young rider and was the 3rd leg Beginner Superstock 125 Champion underbone racing fans of Cebu will surely miss him.

We extend our deepest sympathy to his Family and Teammates of Pidot Race Team, our sincere thoughts and prayers are with them.

The wake of Gaga is at St. Margaret's Funeral Homes formerly Cuaresma at Mabolo near
inno data. He will be laid to rest on Saturday.

Gaga ( in red suit ) with friend

Gaga ( center ) with Team Pidot


Friday, September 26, 2008

Featured Teams: SkutGarage


Photos by: Alden "Boris" Avergonzado

Underbone Tuner was able to interview Jed Ko of SkutGarage a Team that has
been making waves on the Circuit with their dominating performance on the open automatic categories.

This is how it went.

1. Can you tell us more about Skut Garage? how did you guys get started? can
you give us a brief history of skut garage?

It started with our hobby in scooter collection. While drinking with friends the
night before the OZR race in danao last year we decided to join the race in the
morning. With our basic knowledge about scooter tuning we decided to build a bike
that night for the race (a 90cc Honda Dio). People were laughing at our scooter
competing against underbones, luckily we won second place on Danao local's
category. We were not really serious about it but just joined the race for fun.
This then inspired us to form a group. SKUTGARAGE

2. Where is your club or race team based? Who are the officers? Who founded it?

We are based in Danao City. It is founded by Jed Ko, Joma "Daloy" Ko and our
rider Mark "Atchong" Capoy.

3. SkutGarage has dominated all scooter categories, what makes you different from
the rest of the teams? What is the x-factor that makes skutgarage exceed above the

Maybe because we join races just for fun, no pressure on winning. Winning the race
is the very last thing on our mind. I think we also have a competitive rider.

4.what are your future plans? Do you plan to field in more riders? Do you plan to venture in the underbone categories?

For now, we have a new rider (Gilbert "bitog" Miro) for the automatic class,
he won 2nd place in Danao Locals Category, 5th place on Mixed Automatic Open.
Hopefully next year we will give underbone category a try.

5. Can you share some advise to the readers about how to be successful in scooter/underbone racing?

Take one step at a time,enjoy what you are doing,have fun and learn from the experts.

6. Who are your sponsors that you would like to thank?

Our biggest sponsor are my parents, Bagwis Game Farm,Pauls Cellshop,1337 Internet
and Gaming, Sweet Inn Drive. And Special thanks to Mr. Bobby Mencias of BMR.

7. Any message you can give to underbone tuner magazine?

Thank you to Underbone tuner magazine, for supporting the local underbone/racing
scene, again,THANK YOU and MORE POWER!!!!

Team SkutGarage celebrates after dominating the Danao Open and Automatic Open
in OZR Cup 2008 4th Leg.

The dynamic duo of SkutGarage Mark Capoy (blue) and Gilbert Miro (white)
light-up the track.


Gilbert "bitog" Miro on the grid



Mark "Atchong" Capoy victorious in Danao.

A Brilliant performance from Mark Capoy earned him a double victory
for the Danao Open and Automatic Open.

Team SkutGarage


Mark Capoy showing his versatility as a rider in the Open Motard Category.


The founder Jed Ko with talented lensman Alden Avergonzado of SkutGarage.

Reaping the rewards from their hardwork and dedication



Monday, September 22, 2008

On and Off Track Action in Beginner 110 Superstock

On and Off Track Action in Beginner 110 Superstock
By: Arnel B. Santos-Ynigo
Photos by: Cliffen Lumacao


In the beginner 110 Superstock Keken Cabahug of CYRUS Race Team made a strong
impact with a blazing 22.41 sec lap time on the qualifying rounds earning him the
pole position for the finals. He was followed by Kenneth Ouano for Team Norkis
Yamaha and Lyndon Requilme of Team MAC.

During the finals on Sunday Keken was off to a strong start, he was followed by
Lyndon Requilme of Team MAC and Teammate Jes Louie Vega. Meanwhile Joshua Abellar
of Team Motofix, Reman Collina of Team Pidot and Kenneth Ouano of Team Norkis Yamaha
were engaged in a furious battle for the 4th spot. The placing was pretty much the
same until the middle rounds as Joshua Abellar tries to fight his way to the top he
overtakes Jes Louie to take the 3rd spot. Lyndon Requilme managed to overtake Keken
and during that time joshua Abellar was hot on their tails. Jes Louie falls back to
the chasing pack with Kenneth Ouano and Reman Collina who were now engaged in a dog
fight for position, the two kept changing leads much to the delight of the crowd for
their spectacular show. Entering the final rounds Keken Cabahug crashes hard
entering the straights after being hit hard by Joshua Abellar. Keken Cabahug
recovers but it was evident that his bike was having problems after the crash.
Joshua goes on the pressure Lyndon Requilme all the way to the finish line.
Meanwhile Jes Louie Vega of Team CYRUS leads the chasing pack he is followed by
Kenneth Ouano, Reman Collina and Gary Caneda in taking the checkered flag.

The action would not stop there because right after the race a fight almost broke
out between Keken and joshua as a result of their heated contact during the race.
But due to the fast acting Task Force Delta and cool headed spectators from the
crowd the conflict did not escalate. Zandro Fajardo immediately called for a
settlement meeting among the conflicting riders it was then decided that Joshua
Abellar was penalized with a Black Flag.

The final results then are shown below
1 - Lyndon Requilme
2 - Jes Louie Vega
3 - Kenneth Ouano
4 - Reman Collina
5 - Gary Caneda

The break out rider of the race would be Jes Louie Vega of Team CYRUS who was 6th
during the qualifying rounds, he rises up to the 2nd spot. This young rider has been
consistent and it looks like his hard work and perseverance has paid off. Another
rider had an impressive finish Gary Caneda an independent privateer who climbed-up
at 5th after finishing 9th during qualifying.

The Fast Pack during the early rounds
( Keken Cabahug - Team CYRUS, Lyndon Requilme - Team MAC, Jes Louie Vega - Team CYRUS, Kenneth Ouano - Norkis Yamaha, Reman Colina - Team Pidot )

The 3rd turn Exit

Entering the 4th turn

The Close battle for the top position

Reman Colina lead Kenneth Ouano and Joshua Abellar

Keken Cabahug leads Lyndon Requilem and Jes Louie Vega



Keken Cabahug and Lyndon Requilme battle for the top spot.

The two fastest riders on the track Keken Cabahug and Lyndon Requilme ( early middle rounds )

Gary Caneda fights his way up, he leads the chasing pack

Gary Caneda rallies on the late rounds to an impressive 5th overall finish, he was 9th during the qualifying rounds.

Lyndon Requilme finally takes the lead.

Lyndon Requilme of Team MAC enters the 4th turn with CYRUS riders hot on his tail.

The Leading pack merging with tail end riders.

Lyndon Requilme of Team MAC leading all the way to a 1st place finish.

Keken Cabahug leads Joshua Abellar

Keken Cabahug of Team CYRUS entering the 3rd turn.


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