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Friday, May 30, 2008

Underbone Tuner : Interview with Bobby "Blitzkreig" Mencias

Underbone Tuner managed to interview the main man for the 2nd leg Robert "Bobby" Mencias 2 category winner for novice and expert open. He caught everybody by surprise in the 2nd Leg he should be calledBlitz.kreig Bobby. This is how it went.

1. ) UT: You were 2nd during the first leg right on the tail of the Raider 150,
can you give us an insight on the things that you did differently for the 2nd leg?
BMR: In the 1st leg, my sniper was stock except for the pipe , cdi and tires.
I was'nt even using a rear set. I could not catch up with the modified raider
of Jaypee Gado. But in the 2nd leg, the sniper was already equipped with
the basic modification parts.

2.) UT: what was the key factor that allowed you to conquer both novice and
expert open categories?
BMR: Fast and durable bike and of course, the desire to have FUN.

3.) UT: How does it feel to win both Novice and Expert Open?
BMR: Surprised and Happy.

4.) UT: Do you know that you are known now as the Raider150 slayer,
whats the big secret to slaying this once mighty beast?
BMR: Secret.... hehehehe

5.) UT: In one word how would you describe your riding style? ( the bike of-course )
BMR: Awkward and funny.....hehehe.... I can't even make my knees
touch the asphalt. It's because this is my first time to race road circuit
fulltime. I'm used to off-road racing. Imagine, other guys are crouched
down low while I'm sitting with my back straight. My elbows are up.
I really need to get use to riding low with the underbones.

6.) UT: What are your thoughts for the next race?
BMR: ahmm...HAVE FUN.

7.) UT: You certainly caught everybody by surprise during the 2nd leg,
Now that the opponents know what your are capable of, will you
make any adjustments to your game plan?
BMR: Shed off extra pounds because I'm really heavy, practice with my cornering and
continue having FUN.

8.) UT: During your big crash on the 2nd leg, can you give us an insight on what
was going through your mind?
BMR: My main concern was the bike. You can easily damage the rear set,
T-post and the inner tube of the front suspension. I still have to race the
2nd heats of both the novice and expert class.

9.) UT: What advice can you give to aspiring racers who want to succeed in Cebu
underbone circuit racing?
BMR: Set up your bike properly, and do a lot of testing. Also, have FUN
and be HUMBLE.

10.) UT: What advice can you give to the umbrella girls? do you have
any message for them?
BMR: To the umbrella girls? ahm...pls be gentle. hahaha!!! just kidding.

11.) UT: If you can describe underbonetuner in 2 words what would it be?
BMR: You ROCK!!!

UT: Thank you Bobby-san for taking time with underbone tuner. Domo arigato gozaimasu
and good luck on your next race.
BMR: Thank you also.



Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Zandro Fajardo the genius behind Cebu Underbone Circuit Racing


Have you ever wondered how underbone circuit racing started in Cebu.
It all goes back years ago the wizard behind OZ Racing corp. Zandro
Fajardo has been a constant advocate and promoter for the sport of circuit racing.
It was 2-stroke scooters back then, then came the 4-stroke boom
and Mr. Zandro Fajardo was right there ahead of the pack. He organized
races in different parts of Cebu. The preview of great things to come
surfaced last year 2007 the year ender race organized by OZ Racing.
Thousands came in attendance and everyone was treated to
a whole day of adrenaline rush. Then came 2008 OZ Racing would start
it with a bang announcing a full season of racing. The OZR Underbone
Circuit Racing 2008 Series, the biggest underbone circuit race in Cebu.

Join the 3rd Leg July 20, 2008 for more information
visit http://www.ozracingcorp.com

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Sniper135 overwhelms the mighty Raider150.

Hello fellow underbone enthusiasts. I would like to
share a video showing how a Sniper135 overwhelmed
the once mighty and feared Raider150.

This occured in the 2nd Leg of the OzR Underbone Circuit Race in Cebu City
Last May 18, 2008. This special Sniper135 was built by
Blitz.kreig Bobby Mencias himself. This highly tuned Sniper135
certainly left the spectators in a state of shock. How was it possible?
How was it done? the thousands of underbone drones in attendance can only wonder.

How did he Layeth the Smacketh Down !!!

This video was made by the camera crew from underbonetuner.
Arnel B. Santos-ynigo ( cams and editing )
Edwin Allanic ( cams )

hope you guys enjoy the video. ( see it below )

safe riding always,
from underbone tuner

( just click on the image to play the video)

Monday, May 26, 2008


At last the official results are in from OZ Racing Corp. website.

OZR Underbone Circuit Racing 2008 Season - Cebu City


For the Beginner Superstock 110 Category, Moto Fix Ace rider Joshua Abellar
has a comfortable lead over Norkis Yamaha Ace Rider Kenneth Ouano.
Lyndon Requilme of Team Mac is behind on points in 3rd place but was second
place during Leg 2. what will happen on the third Leg? As for the rest of
the pack they have a lot of catching up to do to be able to rack-up some


For the beginner superstock 125 category, Kenneth Ouano is still ahead in points,
Joshua Abellar of Team MotoFix is behind but from the way he is riding the X1, looks like he will
overwhelm the leader if team Norkis Yamaha doesnt make adjustments.
GianCarlo Himalaloan has been consistent on 3rd but Nelson Mayol and Jonas Tan
of Team NORKIS Yamaha are gaining momentum.


For the Novice Open category its a tie between Bobby Mencias and Jaypee Gado, but based on the events
that transpired during the 2nd leg Bobby Mencias dominated this division. If the other teams
dont make adjustments its gonna be another smack down in the novice open.
Robbie Enriquez of Team Mac has been consistent in 3rd but will he have what it takes
to overcome the top two.


For the Expert Open category Zandro Fajardo of Team OZR is numero uno in points
followed by this brother Arnell Fajardo, Seth Capuras of WaveX Racing is on third.
But with the latest entry of Bobby Mencias in the Expert division caught
everybody by surprise. Bobby was dominating the starts but the razor sharp skills
of Zandro Fajardo made it a really close battle. Who will win the next leg?

Be there at Kartzone July 20, 2008 for the 3rd Leg.
Support Cebu City Underbone circuit Racing.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Supermoto Fever has hit Cebu ( How Underbones are keeping up with the craze )

Supermoto or motard racing has been steadily rising to popularity in the Philippines. Due to the high prices of parts for motard conversion for pure enduro bikes, a lot of supermoto fans resort to modifying their underbones into motard mode.

The favorite platform would be the honda xrm, but some underbone enthusiasts push
mods to the limits just like the bike show winner wave125 converted into motard. Even Suzuki Raiders are getting into the scene.

Photobucket Photobucket

Modifications vary, you start with the rims ( like ZIPP, Okimura and Rideit ) then
the motard front fender, then the enduro handle bars. For those who have a big budget
they include inverted forks and mono-shock conversion.

Photobucket Photobucket

All in all motard mode is really suitable for philippine road conditions 3/4 tarmac
1/4 dirt off-road.

Photobucket Photobucket

Friday, May 23, 2008

Bobby Mencias Takes the 2nd Leg by Storm

OZR UNDERBONE CIRCUIT RACING 2008 SEASON - 2ND LEG May 18, 2008 Kartzone Cebu City



CEBU CITY has a new underbone KING.


* NOVICE OPEN ( 110-150cc )
* EXPERT OPEN ( 110-150cc )


2nd place during the first leg, Bobby Mencias was a man on a mission. the very
next day after the 1st leg race he started right away with the preparations for the next leg.
It seems from the way he opened up the 1st round on the novice open with a starting
wheelie, he would go on to dominate. all his hardwork had paid off.

The Hightlight for the day would be the battle in the expert open. Robert Paul (Bobby) would lead during the start it lead to an all out battle between Zandro and Bobby. After leading for 8 laps it would lead to a crash after close contact during the turns, bobby was not able get to the top 3. But during the the 2nd round Bobby would start again with a bang, he leads the
pack, Zandro 2nd but during the 3 lap Zandro crashes, Bobby leads all the way making the gap bigger from the rest of the pack. But Zandro the defending champion will fight his way again to the top, he got in 2nd during the last 4 remaining laps, but bobby would not be denied, he defends the top position all the way. The crowd went wild. Cebu has a new underbone king for the ( 2nd leg ).




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